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Iconic film imagery – Ridley Scott.

November 8, 2011

In honour of Ridley Scott’s reworking/addition to both Alien and Blade Runner here is a painting of an iconic image from Alien (part of a set I painted in 2001) featuring the alien spacecraft as it first appears on LV426.

I tend to be ambivalent about Scott’s films: he has directed some of my favourite films ever (Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise) and also some embarrassments (Robin Hood among others).

But of late serious sci fi classics are in the doldrums, either underperforming or aimed at kids. So sci fi film geeks like me are universally panting for Prometheus and all signs are good (the images that have emerged from ComicCon and the excellent casting – Rapace, Theron, Fassbender et al). Scott’s design/adverts background is one of the reasons his imagery when it works can be so fabulously iconographic. He isn’t afraid of pastiche, makes off-the-cuff casting decisions (casting Sigourney Weaver in what was meant to be a male part being the most inspired) and hires good technical crew and conceptual artists like HR Giger.


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