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October 30, 2011

Now if I just flash these pumpkins...

Now I know much has been said in the Fanosphere about the cult of the Reality star. But really, noone protests enough.

Take young Courtney Staddon. It’s all very well to go on about her weird pervy 50-something husband but she is a natural by-product of the craze for celebrity-lite going on around the world. Well, lets blame the USA and the UK here. Big Brother was one of the first of these type shows where people got rewarded for grotesque behaviour onscreen.

Linked to this perversion of Fame is the cult of the dancing/singing/performing wannabe aka America’s Got Talent or The Voice or American Idol. Yes, its nice that people like Susan Boyle get recognised, and yes, its a good way of rooting out talent but really people are delusional fame junkies. What kind of culture churns out such a mass of usually young and totally entitled average joes with every expectation of getting paid, getting famous and getting on based on really very little! Even cheerful, positive person Ellen DeGeneres has mourned the all-round awfulness of Idol contestants. Whatever happened to stars being an elite, gorgeous minority watched by an entertained and worshipful population of fans? You know, Fred Astaire? That sort of insanely talented person.

I think we should start a new sort of Talent show  i.e. only apply if you are Really talented otherwise – Fuck Off and get educated. Instead of a buzzer, crap performers get electrocuted. In a few years we would have proper stars again.


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