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Drunks and skunks.

October 2, 2011

Today it crossed my mind that us women ought to feel sorry for poor Demi Moore. Its bad enough that your young man runs off on your freaking anniversary with assorted numbers of young blondes, but just about every website and news publication out there is doing a big old ‘I told you so’. This one is typical. Demi’s sad-but, yes, predictable situation is not helped by her recent desperate pleas for attention in the form of naked twit-pics and meaningful tweets. Plus, she’s so damn thin! And this ‘I see through you’ pic: crikey! she looks … old, crone-like, maybe even kind of … Norma Desmondy. I mean yes, obviously she Is old(ish) by anyone’s standards, but still. I wanted more for her. I wanted GI Jane. I wanted it to last. To defy expectation. It’s not like Ashton was a catch by any means. But she comes off looking like this.

That’s the thing isn’t it? Despite all the snark out there, romantic-minded gals like me wanted to believe that Ashton was going to love and be faithful etc etc through thick and thin. But, alas, he didn’t/wasnt. Don’t you just Hate it when snarks are right and the predictable happens Just like they said it would? Dammit

There is some recent speculation that poor Ashton (going about looking sad) was practically Driven to cheat by Demi’s return to substance abuse. Right. Holier-than-thou-husband-look activated on cue.

Hope we don’t find Ashton floating face down in the family swimming pool. UPDATE: 19 Nov. Demi Has finally filed for divorce! Now she must learn to just be alone, enjoy her own company, get happily wrinkly, and start adopting some cats. No more bad men!

Dang it Demi, I'm not happy with your drinking.

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